Energy Game

Making saving energy fun in schools

Energy game is a competition whereby schools and students complete energy efficient challenges and climate related tasks to gain points, earn rewards and have fun.

How it Works

The Energy Game platform is fundamentally aimed at giving schools and students the chance to take action to address the climate crisis. A place where students can compete against each other and against different schools. Leaderboards provide the accumulated totals overall, school vs school and per student within a school. It allows students to be the owners of the game giving the power to create challenges and rewards. The Energy Game is not only a great way to reduce a schools energy usage, it provides students with the knowledge and tools to reduce their carbon footprint well beyond the classroom.

Schools can design their own list of challenges and set the points for each challenge. The harder the task the more points. So get creative and put your understanding of how we can reduce the climate crisis to use by creating your schools very own customized list of challenges.

Students log in with their school email account and start completing the challenges. Simply tick the box when you have completed the challenge. Some are harder then others, which means you get more points for it.

It is all based on an HONOR SYSTEM –

besides who wants to try and cheat nature!

Start of by nominating a buddy to work with because if they reach a certain level you get bonus for helping them.



Energy Game is packed with benefits

Makes learning fun

Energy Game makes learning about climate change real and tangible. Students are engaged and excited to be able to turn negative impacts into positive action. Awards and points help track students and even staff efforts.

Makes learning fun

Energy Game makes learning about energy and sustainability fun. Students are engaged and excited to reduce their impacts and create positive change by completing challenges. Students efforts are acknowledged through a points system.

Enabling students beyond the classroom

Energy Game empowers students with the skills to not only reduce their carbon footprint outside the classroom, but gives them a list of actions that they can take empowering them to take their knowledge home to educate the family, friends and the community.

Reduce your schools energy usage

All challenges performed by students are designed to have a positive impact on the environment and the world around them. This in turn reduces the schools energy footprint and electricity costs.

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Success Story

Brigidine College Randwick

Brigidine College Randwick has powered ahead with a project to cut the school’s energy usage and preserve the environment for future generations. The ‘Leaders of Change’ began the ‘Powering Change’ campaign, which asks students to take action and reduce their own impacts. They partnered with PowerTracker to build a website as a way to introduce the project to the wider school community. The college uses the website to monitor its real-time energy usage. Students receive points when they log energy-saving tasks and their environment-themed avatar grows.

The project is now managed by 11 IDMT VET students who are now taking the project to the next level.